I'm Becky.  I'm a wife and mother who would rather make and bake and dig in the dirt than clean my house. After years of admiring them from afar, I finally have realized my dream of a brood of chickens that wander about my back yard clucking all day long, leaving eggs for us to find in some strange places.  They mingle well with the pack of wild girls also frequently run through the yard, even though I can only claim one of the wild gals as my own. I also have a bit of a pickling habit and have been known to invite my family to your house (or your grandmother's as the case may be) by the water during the summer at the drop of a hat. 

I have a cast of regular characters that include my husband Pat, the Upper James Riverkeeper, our daughter Edie as well as a long list of friends and neighbors that probably deserve their own roll call.

When I'm not avoiding cleaning my house by cooking, gardening, knitting, sewing, herding chickens and/or children or drinking wine, I keep myself busy with free lance writing (links here) as well as teaching cooking and pickling classes.  One of these days I might focus on just one thing, but I will always avoid cleaning my house.

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